Leo Iacobelli

Wealth Management
ESL Federal Credit Union

“Oakbrook has been a great partner in helping us define the best approach to broadening our wealth management business with trust services. The diligence they took in understanding our market, culture, and objectives was greatly appreciated. Our experience with them has been extremely positive, and as a result, we have maintained a relationship with them throughout our implementation process.”

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Walton C. Jennette, Jr.

President & Chief Trust Officer,
Aon Trust Company

“We engaged Oakbrook Solutions to help us evaluate a potential vendor to whom we would be outsourcing some of our critical functions. Oakbrook’s thorough assessment was essential to our due diligence process and ensured confidence in our ultimate decision. Oakbrook was able to provide us with an unbiased view of the vendor’s capabilities and likely saved us many hours of work and thousands of dollars with their assessment.”

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James B. Patton

Managing Principal & CEO
Patton Albertson & Miller, LLC

“Oakbrook has been very helpful to our firm in making important long- and short- term strategic decisions. We owe a big debt of gratitude to Oakbrook Solutions Consulting Practice, their expertise gave us confidence that we were making fact-based decisions resulting in better execution of our strategic planning. Our engagement of their firm was also the turning point in solving a data interchange issue with our portfolio accounting system, a wicked problem that we wrestled with for over 2 years. Of course, they didn’t work for free; but it was money well-spent and they are truly experts in the field of trust accounting and portfolio management systems.”


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Forbes 400 SFO

“We want to thank Oakbrook for all of their help. It is largely because of their efforts that we found the right solution and are so well prepared to move forward.”

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Vince Birley, CFP, AIF®,

Chief Strategy Officer/Principal Ronald Blue & Co.

“We initially engaged Oakbrook to work with us to develop a broad, multi-year technology plan targeting key objectives in advancing advisor productivity and improving client experience, among others. Oakbrook’s knowledge of the industry and technology solutions, combined with objectivity and a methodical approach, helped us lay the foundation for growth and improved firm performance. They are a pleasure to work with and highly recommended for firms desiring help at either a strategic or tactical level.”

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Multi-billion dollar MFO

President & COO

“Chris and the Oakbrook team proved to be an enormous asset to us during our back office re-design and implementation. Their “real world” experience helped us see around corners that would not have been possible for us otherwise.”


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Director of Operations

“Last year we hired Oakbrook Solutions to perform a security audit for our SFO. Chris Martinez was easy to work with and laid out the recommendations in a concise and clear format to follow. Chris was always available to answer questions and got back to me in a timely manner.”


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Howard Insley

Vice President, Ascensus

“I have utilized Oakbrook Solutions for the past 10 years for contracting resources for projects as well as the placement of full-time associates. They have always done an excellent job providing qualified candidates that matched the skill sets we were looking for. I would highly recommend them to any business leader looking to source candidates for full-time positions and/or short-term initiatives.”


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Multi-billion dollar, Multi-generational MFO

“Working with Oakbrook brought our technology efforts into sharper focus. Oakbrook helped us see what we had with our data warehouse and with the experience and long tenure of our technology team. They confirmed some things we sensed. For example, that having a data warehouse left us better positioned than many of our peers. They also helped us prioritize our projects for the coming years and brought more attention to issues like scalability.”


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Bradley K. Rinsem

President and CEO, Salem Trust Company

“Oakbrook Solutions assisted us in recovering from a number of issues resulting from a conversion of our core trust system and the effects on our clients, operational, and administrative staff. They provided a team of professional seasoned experts who worked diligently to resolve our problems and assisted directly at multiple levels in regaining confidence amongst our client base. Their work was of the highest standard and their character as a firm makes them a pleasure to work with. I would strongly recommend them for any conversion or system related activity in our industry.”

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