aggressive plans to expand geographically and into new service segments

Problem: $8B RIA with aggressive plans to expand geographically and into new service segments such as family office was hampered by its legacy applications and data integration approaches. The firm’s management realized that the current environment would not support their need for improved advisor productivity, better informed management decision-making, greater operational efficiency, and support to meet increasing compliance demands.

Solution: Oakbrook Solutions led the client team in developing a broad strategy for new applications, IT management practices, and data and integration architecture. The 4-year roadmap positioned the firm for growth, better risk management, and profitability. Oakbrook was subsequently engaged to identify new CRM and document management systems, key applications seen as foundational to the long-term technology plan.

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$4B independent trust company

Outgrown operational and technology framework

Problem: $4B Independent Trust Company had outgrown its operational and technology framework and began to experience challenges with some internally-developed applications and integration across Portfolio Center, Salentica, Tamarac, and custodian services.

Solution: Oakbrook Solutions technical resources helped stabilize the environment and then began to develop tactical solutions to systemic issues. Oakbrook then helped the firm develop a strategic roadmap for technology, operations, custody, and other functions and subsequently managed this client’s search for a new trust systems and custody outsourcing provider.

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multiple technology initiatives with need for project management

Problem: $3B MFO embarked upon a path of multiple technology initiatives yet
internal staff lacked project management skills and specific application expertise to effectively plan and synchronize the projects.

Solution: Oakbrook Solutions was engaged to develop a coordinated approach to all deliverables and establish related contract terms with the software vendor.

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outgrowing technology and operational infrastructure

Problem: $4B RIA was outgrowing its technology and operational infrastructure and needed to re-architect systems and processes to facilitate growth, scale, and a better client experience.

Solution: Engaged Oakbrook Solutions to assist with the selection of a sub-accounting application for foundation and endowment services as well as the selection of a trust accounting platform to replace Advent Axys and other applications.

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infrastructure build to facilitate major expansion

Problem: $6B MFO wanted to build infrastructure to facilitate its major expansion into the MFO market and create the ability to effectively absorb SFOs into their operation.

Solution: Oakbrook Solutions was engaged to lead the process of developing systems and operational requirements, analyze work processes, and vendor short listing. Follow-on work was done by Oakbrook to manage the vendor selection process.

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Expanding With Trust Services

Parter, build, or acquire which is the optimal approach?

Problem: Over the past four years Oakbrook Solutions has been engaged by numerous RIAs, insurance companies, custodians, broker-dealers, attorneys, banks, and others interested in exploring ways to engage in the trust business.

Solution: Oakbrook has delivered “Proof of Concept” assessments to validate client plans for partnering and/or de novo trust strategies. While most resulted in a recommendation to partner with a third party corporate trust company, we have three clients currently in various stages of de novo trust company formation. In these engagements, Oakbrook developed detailed financial and staffing plans, marketing plans, and evaluated technology and custodian providers in support of the chartering and de novo launch process.

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