Sorting Through the Trends in Technology & Operations

Steve Randolph, Managing Director, was a presenter at this year’s Association of Trust Organizations (ATO) Annual Conference held in Washington, DC. The ATO was celebrating 25 years at this year’s annual conference.

ATO serves as a forum for leaders, owners and operators of trust organizations to network and grow as an industry. ATO attracts professionals from across the country, providing opportunities for networking, business development, continuing education and information on key industry issues.

Steve’s presentation at this year’s conference, “Sorting Through the Trends in Technology and Operations” focused on market-side issues and trends, tech/ops provider moves, and decision-making in the wealth/trust tech/ops area.

ATO Navigating Options

Steve discussed key industry topics including:

  • Emerging custody/platform options for trust companies – moving advisory business to a fully-disclosed custody framework
  • Rethinking the strategic core of tech framework – moving away from a trust accounting-centric approach
  • The convergence of financial planning and client portal tools – impacting how you interact with clients in a more collaborative way
  • Digital advice platforms are raising the bar for expectations in how firms automate client interactions in the pre-sale phase and onboarding processes
  • Continued competitive pressure to keep up with leaders in client digital experience – becoming table stakes
  • Thinking through the “best of breed” versus “best or provider” choice
  • A high-level view of the state of major tech/ops providers including software and outsourcing options

Steve closed the presentation with new hybrid platforms on the horizon melding CRM and client service as well as BPM/workflow.

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