Our trust systems conversion and integration experience sets us apart in the Wealth Management industry.

We have managed, provided expertise, or otherwise participated in over 20 conversions and system level integration(s) with external providers and internal banking systems. Aside from conversion to and from core accounting system providers, we have managed conversions for portfolio management, performance, fees, custody, CIF, and various others.

We also provide technology and organizational integration for solutions such as CRM, document management, BPM, and customer developed solutions.


“Oakbrook Solutions assisted us in recovering from a number of issues resulting from a conversion of our core trust system and the effects on our clients, operational, and administrative staff. They provided a team of professional seasoned experts who worked diligently to resolve our problems and assisted directly at multiple levels in regaining confidence amongst our client base. Their work was of the highest standard and their character as a firm makes them a pleasure to work with. I would strongly recommend them for any conversion or system related activity in our industry.”

– Bradley K. Rinsem, President and CEO, Salem Trust Company